Chiropractic Care with Energy Therapy

Chiropractic care and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

After my profound experience with energy healing in the USA, I wasn’t sure how to integrate it into our practice. All I knew was that I had to somehow. Initially, I thought about offering separate Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) sessions for my clients who were under chiropractic care, so they could benefit from the experience of IET as I had.

However, in practice, I found that IET and chiropractic care complemented each other incredibly well.

The chiropractic and bodywork techniques I had learned and developed into our own system proved to be effective tools for facilitating energy flow through the body. This became evident to me while working on the world-renowned energy healer Rob Wergin. Structural adjustments seemed to facilitate energy flow during his healing sessions with others.

I observed that energy blocks in organ systems or other parts of the body could cause associated parts of the spine to lock up. Similarly, restricted spinal joints and other tissues could hinder energy flow. Despite having spent years performing various muscle release techniques (which we still do), I was amazed at how clearing energy blocks could free up stuck areas of the spine and body.

Energy therapy provided me with practical insights into a person’s condition. By clearing emotional and mental energy blocks, I could objectively see improvements, as these blocks often contributed to the issues the person was experiencing. Therefore, I integrated energy therapy into my approach alongside structural and soft tissue corrections.

While I still conduct medical, neurological, and orthopedic testing and treat any appropriate conditions, energy therapy has become an integral part of the process. It helps me see the bigger picture of what is happening with the person, fostering a deeper sense of connection within themselves. This sense of connection, I believe, is essential for overall well-being, enabling individuals to feel more purposeful and interconnected.

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