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Blue Align Chiropractic has been caring for people in Stafford and surrounding areas since 2004. Originally Windsor Chiropractic, we then opened our Stafford clinic in 2013 as Stafford Chiropractic & Wellbeing Centre.

Al and Megs

We have recently rebranded to Blue Align Chiropractic to better reflect our unique approach to healthcare and the principles behind our Blue Align Approach.

How did we decide on the name Blue Align Chiropractic?

Here is the story behind the name…

Essentially, it is a story of vibrant long living, and aligning yourself to the life you desire through age-old wisdom and lifestyles (think of the Blue Zone communities) with the help of modern science.

Our Top Three Values

Let’s start with our top three values. Leadership, Wisdom, and Inspiration shape how we want to impact our Chiropractic community. We lead by example, actively pursuing the well-being lifestyle that we promote to guide individuals towards their best selves.


Clear leadership means understanding people, respecting their choices, providing transparent healthcare options, and ensuring clarity in individual roles during the healing process.


Wisdom, our second value, recognises insights from the past, blending historical wisdom with modern science to unlock limitless health possibilities. This includes respecting the wisdom within the human body and nature.


Our third value, Inspiration, focuses on helping people live a life they love, especially in terms of health. Assisting others in achieving this inspiring way of living is a great source of inspiration for us.

Early Influences

Dr Alan Brown, Chiropractor Blue Align Chiropractor Stafford

By Dr. Alan Brown, Principal Chiropractor

As a child, I struggled with severe asthma, leading to frequent hospitalisations and a worsening condition. My mother explored natural health options, which successfully resolved the issue in a short time.

We then embraced natural health, regularly consulting chiropractors, osteopaths, and naturopaths, and making significant changes to our diet. It was a challenging time as science and natural health were often viewed as opposites.

Despite the perceived dichotomy, I appreciated both science and traditional healing practices. I sought to find the interconnection or duality between the two, navigating a balance between modern techniques and ancient healing methods.

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

One of the core principles at Blue Align is recognising the duality of ancient wisdom and modern science, and their intersection which represents unlimited possibility.

We are currently in a remarkable time in history where this convergence is happening at an exponential rate.

Celebrating a Resurgence
of Ancient Wisdom

In recent times, advancements in technology and thinking have deepened our understanding of health and wellbeing. There’s been significant growth in connecting different areas of health sciences holistically.

One of my mentors, Dr. Adrian Wenban, founder of Barcelona Chiropractic College, collaborated with scientists to study chiropractic and holistic lifestyle practices using advanced technology. He presented a lecture series at our Stafford centre, focusing on a developing scientific health model rooted in our nervous system’s ability to adapt and heal effectively in the right conditions. He also explored our evolutionary past and how we’ve adapted to challenges over thousands of years.

Adrian introduced various strategies such as chiropractic, cold exposure, breathing techniques, and intermittent fasting. Correctly applying these lifestyle strategies improved global health outcomes, as evidenced by scientific studies on Blue Zone communities — a compelling example.

The Blue Zones boast the world’s most successful populations in terms of longevity, health, and quality of life. A crucial factor contributing to their exceptional health is a sense of life purpose and strong social and spiritual connections.

Once again, the combination of modern science and ancient wisdom provides one of the most effective models for developing wellbeing strategies.

If you’ve been a practice member with us for a while, you may have attended one of our Adaptability Workshops!

Our Unique Connection
to the Intersection

Alan and Laurie

Our unique connection to the intersection of ancient health practices and modern science has recently deepened.

My energy healing partner, Laurie Nealon, is currently engaged in discussions at a table with Jill Shah from the Shah Foundation, alongside some of the most prominent health scientists from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

They are deliberating on how to study Laurie’s energy therapy work. We will keep you updated as things progress, so stay tuned for further developments in this space.

How Energy Therapy Aligned Our Model

In 2019, our family and my best friend’s family travelled to Boston to meet an old friend, Laurie Nealon, whom we had known from our days at Cromwell College (UQ) some 30 years ago. Laurie performed an energy healing session on me, and the experience was life changing. What transpired was so profound that it shifted my view of the world, making things possible that I hadn’t imagined. The energy that flowed through her hands was mind-blowing, leaving me with an enduring sense of connection and love.

In 2020, I began putting pen to paper to formalise my healing system within our Chiropractic practice. Our families returned to Medfield at the end of 2022, where I was finally trained by Laurie in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). The IET had a dramatic effect on me, and I rapidly developed energy therapy skills.

Energy work became an integral part of the Chiropractic and bodywork system I was developing, evolving into what I now call the Blue Align Healing approach. It enhances energy flow throughout the body, serving as an extension of chiropractic philosophy. However, it is not limited to just the nervous system.

The Meaning of Our
Blue Align Logo

Blue Align Chiropractic Logo - favicon

We chose the three intersecting shades of blue because blue represents the colour of healing and longevity. From an energy healing perspective, the blue frequency is associated with the throat, an area representing the full expression of an individual, through divine guidance and intuition.

The sapphire, blue diamonds, and other blue-coloured stones are believed to stimulate intuition and divine connection.

The blue diamond shape represents the incredible potential a person has within them when they are aligned with their purpose.

We love this… very fitting!

The Intersecting Gems

The intersection of the gems represents the important duality in life forces that govern our reality.

Blue Align recognises that the most powerful position of these life forces is where they intersect. This is where the greatest understanding, and unlimited potential co-exist.

It is also about balance. Where these forces are in balance also creates the most power in a person’s life. For example, where intellect and intuition work in balance.

Ancient Wisdom

Modern Science

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