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The best way to explain my purpose and the role that energy therapy plays, is to share my personal experience and story.

I have been a Chiropractor since 1996, and practicing as an energy healer combined with chiropractic since the beginning of 2023.

For me, energy therapy has become the missing link that tied everything together in my chiropractic practice. It triggered me to transform my personal life, leading me to an unshakable connection to a divine power; one I didn’t know was possible.

There are two world-class healers who have influenced and greatly helped me in this work:
Laurie Nealon and Rob Wergin (details below), both based in the United States.

My Turning Point

My journey started with a life-changing healing session in Boston by Laurie Nealon in 2019.

The experience was remarkable. Yet, equally significant has been Laurie’s guidance, clarity, and wisdom in navigating my journey ever since.

I have continued to write and build resources to support others on the same journey, inspired by Laurie’s wisdom.

I returned to Boston (as soon as I could!) in December 2022, and became certified in each IET level. In March and September 2023, I returned for further training and received my Master trainer certification with Laurie, allowing me to train people in IET.

I developed my skills rapidly after the IET attunements, which are part of the IET training.

The attunement in IET is a process aimed at energetically connecting a person to divine energy. Through an IET practitioner, it expands their energy body (field), allowing them to channel energy and perform energy healings.

It is important to note, I had no awareness of ‘energy healing ability’ before the attunement.
Some people are aware without an attunement; I did not. This highlights to me the point: If you feel drawn to something like this, don’t discount your potential. Be open to the possibility.

Different paths for different people

I remember an energy healing I had had years prior with a Qi Gong master. I noticed something from the healing. But becoming an energy healer would have never crossed my mind because it seemed that only a master, with a lifetime of practice, could do such a

Another person’s journey could have taken them down a road of learning from the Qi Gong master. Two of my friends found great benefit down this path. This is where it is important to be guided by your gut feeling! And of course, practices like Qi Gong and Yoga are great for supporting energy therapy work and building connection.

Laurie Nealon

In 2019, I travelled to Boston USA with my family and close friends, to visit an old friend, Laurie Nealon and her  family. I met Laurie 30 years ago when she was on a semester abroad at Cromwell College at the University of Queensland. Apart from seeing Christmas postcards that she would exchange with my mother every year, I hadn’t seen her since our Cromwell days!

The healing I experienced from Laurie on this visit was life changing, but so was seeing the impact she has had on her community, an impact which is growing at an exponential rate.
Laure is the master of positive thinking. She flips every challenge into a perspective of gratitude. No matter what is happening, joy and love are radiating out to anyone she passes.

Simple in principle, yet this has been the most challenging thing I have worked at. You can’t just think positively. You need to feel it, and that comes first by feeling grateful.

Laurie lives in the beautiful small town of Medfield on the outskirts of Boston, where everybody knows her and are touched by her work. There are 100s of healing stories that are normal to the town, which are extraordinary to an outsider.

She does not advertise and is booked out many months in advance with clients not only within the US but internationally as well.

But this is just the start.

Laurie has trained 100s of people in IET, and from there she has scaled her impact by creating energy healing teams. These groups gather several times a month in a local dance studio to learn techniques and work on clients. Each client is assigned a healer, and many healings taking place at the same time. The energy in the room is palpable. I have joined in on these healing sessions several times, which have been an incredible learning experience.

Laurie has about 60 people she has trained as healers on these different healing teams. It just keeps growing, and you can imagine the impact!

She is helping me create the same thing here in Brisbane! See below.

Her reach seems to have hit a real tipping point. There are countless people in influential positions, like heads of hospital departments, who have been touched by Laurie’s work and want to implement the healing teams into various institutions.

To top it off, Laurie and philanthropist Jill Shah (Shah Family Foundation) are working together with Harvard researchers to create a study around energy therapy in a group healing setting. This is happening as I write this.

Rob Wergin

I was introduced to Rob Wergin, Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher, through Laurie, who worked closely with Rob when he held group healing events in Boston.

Rob is featured in the popular Heal documentary, which you can currently view on Prime. He is an internationally renowned energy healer with a very large following.

Fortunately, Rob has adopted me as his assistant when I visit, allowing me to assist him in over 500 healings in my last two visits! Being able to watch what he does and even working on him has been an invaluable experience for me. The room feels electric as he works on people, and there are 100’s of testimonials on the dramatic impact of these healings.

You can find Rob at

Alan with Laurie Nealon and Rob Wergin:
Alan with Laurie Nealon and Rob Wergin

How IET and energy healing clarified my purpose

Many ancient healing traditions recognise the existence of an energy field and flow, known by different names like Qi, prana, and Ki.

In my first IET healing, I experienced something beyond any energy term – a profound sense of love.

Laurie explains that a person’s soul-purpose is to expand their capacity to love.

That simply resonates as one of the greatest truths I have ever heard.

Our mission at Blue Align Chiropractic has become became greatly clarified as a result of this understanding.

It may be unrealistic to expect that everyone will experience the same profound healing experience as me. In fact, all energy healings are different, and results will vary. We can however, set a consistent intention and mission.

Aligning you to a life you love, is our mission.

Every health strategy, technique combination and consultation structure we create in our approach has this in mind.

From a science perspective, it’s pretty clear that a state of love and appreciation is of great value to our health.

I would make an educated guess that everyone around you benefits too!

Lifestyle strategies that supported the journey

After overcoming severe early childhood asthma, I’ve always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing. But for much of my life, it felt as though natural health was often labelled as an ‘alternative’ model to the mainstream. There seemed to be a constant dichotomy between science and natural health.

Over the last decade, and particularly in the last few years, there has been a considerable swing and resurgence of the ancient healing philosophies due to scientific interests.

One of my mentors and expert wellness scientists, Dr Adrian Wenban (Principal of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic), held a workshop for health professionals at our clinic. He presented the latest research from a broad range of lifestyle strategies like cold exposure, breath work etc and discussed the health benefits. The strategies were presented in a framework of how they may enhance our nervous system’s (NS) ‘adaptability’ to stress. (See Table 1).

One of the ways to measure NS adaptability is by using a technology called Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

HRV is a measure of the variation in time intervals between heartbeats. Higher HRV usually indicates better overall health and resilience, while lower HRV can suggest stress or health issues.

Adrian taught us how to objectively measure the health effects of these lifestyle strategies using HRV so that we could determine which strategies were most effective and beneficial to you.

The various strategies are worth  exploring to see what works for you. The energy healing from Laurie dramatically improved my HRV. Chiropractic adjustments (in some regions of the spine), cold exposure, breath work, cardiovascular exercise, and guided meditation all helped my HRV and my feeling of connection after my initial energy healing with Laurie.

There are several good HRV monitors on the market – Polar H10, WHOOP Strap, Oura Ring, Garmin HRM-Pro, Biostrap, Elite HRV, and Emfit QS. Among these, I recommend the App  HRV4 Training for its affordability and user-friendly design.

Where to from here?

One of the greatest things about being awakened to your purpose is letting go of what isn’t you or what doesn’t matter.

My goal is to help people with conditions in my scope of practice and align them to their purpose, if they choose, knowing that so much healing comes with that process.

It is also my goal to train as many people in IET as possible, and provide them with the same support that I continue to receive from Laurie, so that a transformation can expand across the country and the world.

If you are thinking about whether you should see me for a Chiropractic consultation or to learn IET, ask yourself “does it feel right?” And there is your answer.

Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.

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