Fermentation Workshop

Our fermentation workshop is packed full of information about fermentation, gut health and links between the gut and disease.

Great for all levels of expertise, and covers an array of fermented foods including saeurkraut, kimchi, kombucha, jun, kefir, fire cider and fermented veggies, and includes a short presentation on the background of fermented foods and how they affect our health.

You will get to taste-test some of the ferments, and receive an eBook with all the recipes from the evening. You’ll also take home a mother culture and have the opportunity to purchase fermenting starter kits.

Leave the night full of inspiration and new-found knowledge on the importance of gut health, fermentation, and ways to dramatically improve the health of you and your family.

Presented by our in-house fermentation gurus: Alan Brown, Daniela Le Sueur & Jessica Redmond.

Call our office on 3356  9552 to join our Priority List for our next workshop.

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