Mediterranean vs. Keto

Wednesday 16th October 2019


Hosted by Speakers
Esther Parker, Nutritionist & Naturopath
Leah WIlliamson, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Alan Brown, Chiropractor

Esther, Leah and Alan will be hosting a comprehensive food discussion on everything Keto and Mediterranean as we enjoy a dinner together by Wilde Kitchen.

Hot Topics

  • History of each diet
  • What’s include (and excluded)
  • How they work to improve health / health benefits / conditions they help with
  • Any negatives or issues (ie. is it suitable for everyone, or who might not benefit?)
  • Examples of meals & snacks
  • What’s better for your health / weight loss / ageing / gut health
  • Which diet prevents the most diseases
  • Which diet reduces inflammation the most


$30 + booking fee per person (includes delicious dinner by Wilde Kitchen)

Come and join us for an informative, fun night.

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