The Postural Puzzle: Decoding the Impact of Forward Head Posture

Are you tired of constantly battling poor posture? This can start with pain and discomfort, then often affects your ability to relax in daily activities.

Whether it’s struggling during office work, not performing in the gym, feeling tension while lifting groceries or finding it challenging to stand for long periods, the effects of poor posture are well known and some have long term effects.

Poor posture can go beyond immediate discomfort, extending to chronic issues like back and neck pain, headaches, and muscle fatigue.

It can affect your respiratory system, limit lung capacity and contribute to joint problems over time.

Beyond physical consequences, posture can impact confidence, self-esteem, energy levels, and mood.

Many of us know that we need to have good posture but find it so difficult holding that position, often then becoming discouraged.

Unlike methods that only target specific areas of the body, our approach is complete and designed to tackle the root causes of your poor posture and its challenges.

Forward Head Position is Often Missed in the Posture Puzzle

The above image shows the impact of forward head posture, where the individual’s head leans forward, intensifying the challenge of maintaining proper alignment on the whole body. 

A normal weight of your head should be between 5-7kg.

When first checked, the effective head weight of this patient was 26kg due to poor posture! You can see the head sticking forward and the effect this is having on the rest of the body.

This change not only strains the neck and shoulders but significantly increases the weight placed on the spine, creating a domino effect that makes sustaining good posture even more difficult. No wonder we struggle holding good posture all day when there is additional stress on the body!

After four weeks of chiropractic treatment, rehab and postural correction, the effective weight was reduced to 19kg. These changes occurred after only 4 weeks of treatment and can have major benefits… long term! Imagine the relaxation on your neck and shoulders after this happens!

Postural correction is a major focus at Blue Align Chiropractic and Deneroll plays a huge part in this program.

Deneroll used with Chiropractic Care helps Posture & Reduces Forward Head Weight

Denneroll is a cervical foam block or neck curve corrector block, specifically designed to correct the curvature of the neck or cervical spine and alleviate the burden of excessive head weight on posture.

By providing targeted support to your neck’s natural curvature, the Deneroll encourages proper spinal alignment, reducing strain and tension in the cervical region.

This not only aids in alleviating discomfort associated with poor posture but also contributes to improved overall spinal health.

Additionally, as the Deneroll supports the head at an optimal angle, it helps distribute the weight more evenly, lessening the load on the neck and shoulders.

Regular use of the Deneroll becomes a proactive step toward maintaining a balanced and well-aligned spine.

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