Chiropractic Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is a branch of neurology that focuses on the relationship between the brain and the body.

The Carrick Institute is a leading institution that specialises in functional neurology, and Dr Lisa Rimmelzwaan completed the institute’s comprehensive education program and became certified in 2012. Based on a thorough understanding of the nervous system and how it functions, the functional neurology approach uses a variety of techniques and tools to assess and diagnose neurological problems, and then combines therapies to stimulate and train the brain.

The interplay between the brain and health is immense as the brain’s role is to provide instructions to all bodily functions. This unique approach to healthcare considers the complex interactions between the nervous system, the immune system, and other bodily systems.

Based on the understanding that the brain is a dynamic and adaptable organ that can be trained and optimised through specific exercises and therapies; functional neurology can help families thrive by providing effective and personalised treatments for performance enhancement and wellness optimisation.

One of the key ways that functional neurology helps families is by identifying and addressing neurological dysfunction that may be affecting their health and wellbeing.
By using a variety of techniques and therapies, functional neurologists can help train the brain and overall neurological health to function better which likely leads to improved physical, mental, and emotional health for the entire family and better yet… it is a natural and drug-free approach!

Maturation of the brain in children, for example, involves reaching milestones whereby newborns’ and infants’ involuntary and automated movements (primitive reflexes) that are present in infancy and are essential for survival need to disappear as the child grows and matures in order for postural reflexes to take their place. However, sometimes these reflexes persist into later childhood or adulthood, which can lead to developmental delays and difficulties with coordination and balance. Retention of primitive reflexes can also be associated with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural issues, and sensory processing problems.

Functional neurologists can help identify and address retained primitive reflexes through specific exercises and therapies that stimulate the nervous system and promote the integration of these reflexes. By addressing retention of primitive reflexes, functional neurology can help families thrive by improving overall neurological function and enhancing physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities.

Overall, the Carrick Institute’s approach to functional neurology is based on the latest scientific research and clinical experience.

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