Health Restore Model

Tailored lifestyle advise is vital as it acknowledges individual differences, providing personalised solutions for specific health needs. This personalised approach leads to more effective and sustainable health improvements, ultimately enhancing overall well-being and quality of life

Health Restore Model

1. Assess

Determine Barriers

Determining barriers to healing, offers distinct advantages compared to merely masking symptoms. It establishes a realistic time frame for problem correction and provides a deeper understanding of the root causes, preventing recurring issues. Barriers to healing, encompassing various factors, can be effectively addressed through this holistic approach, ultimately ensuring the patient’s well-being and long-term health improvement.

  • Realistic Problem Correction
  • Deeper Understanding of Root Causes
  • Holistic Approach to Well-Being
Identify Compensation

Holistic assessment identifies the interconnectedness of our body systems through the nervous system, highlighting its crucial role. It recognises individuals as whole beings, addressing physical health, mental well-being, emotional balance, behavior, work performance, social relationships, and spiritual fulfillment. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of health, promoting patient well-being and quality of life.

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Health
  • Enhanced Patient Well-Being
  • Recognition of Interconnectedness of Body Systems

Other terms: Systemic Connection, Holistic Unity

Create Plan

We provide you with a clear and structured care plan designed to offer you the best path to recovery. Our recommendations are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective approach for relief, regaining full function, and achieving lasting correction. We will present clear choices along the way, giving you the information you need to make decisions about your care. This plan comes with specific time frames, so you’ll know what to expect, keeping you informed and motivated as you work towards your health goals. With our comprehensive care plan, we aim to not only enhance your experience but also increase the likelihood of successful outcomes, putting your well-being at the forefront of our approach.

  • Personalised Care
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Clear Expectations
  • Likelihood of Successful Outcomes
Health Restore Model - 1 Assess
Health Restore Model

2. Correct

Remove Interference

Our healing system is centered on the principle of removing interference to the nervous system, enhancing the flow of energy and information within the body. This optimised communication network allows the body to function and heal more effectively.

Amplify Power

The alignment, communication, and coordination of the body are pivotal factors in harnessing its inherent power. When the various components and systems within the body are in harmonious alignment, they function at their optimum levels. This allows for efficient communication between cells, organs, and systems, ensuring that they work together seamlessly. Such coordination enhances the body’s power, enabling it to perform at its peak, adapt to challenges, and maintain overall well-being.

Optimal body alignment, communication, and coordination amplify the body’s power, enhancing overall well-being and peak performance.

Improve Coherence

Our healing system emphasises synchronising the body’s systems for increased efficiency. When these systems work in harmony, the body’s overall function becomes significantly more effective. This coherence leads to a more efficient self-healing process, ultimately enhancing well-being and vitality.

Health Restore Model

3. Lifestyle

Customised Strategy

Our system of lifestyle strategies combines the best of both worlds, aligning with fundamental healing principles while remaining highly flexible and customisable to each individual’s unique needs.

Form Habits

Our system has simple habit reminders for easy and effective healing strategies. Taking action is quickly rewarded with obvious benefits. This encourages further investment and commitment to our lifestyle strategies which is the key to establishing and maintaining positive behaviours and creating great health outcomes.

Promote Healing

Our lifestyle strategy system promotes long-term healing. It is based on the best of contemporary science and ancient wisdom.

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