Group Energy Work (IET), Breathwork & Ice Sunday Session

When: Sunday’s 8.30am -10.30am.
Where: Kedron. Cost $35

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Heighten your self-awareness and alignment with your true purpose and have some great conversations at our energy work Sunday sessions.
The group energy session usually runs for 1.5 hours and has 3 stages.

Stage 1 Group Energy Work

Stage 1
Seated Meditation & Energy Work

Seated meditation with Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) involves a guided meditation incorporating visualisation and breathing techniques, accompanied by energy-enhancing music. Alan administers energy therapy to each participant, targeting the clearance of energy blocks, amplification of the body’s energy centres, and expansion of the individual’s energy field.

The session concludes with individually grounding a person into the earth’s centre. Group energy work healing is a powerful approach as it is enhanced by the collective energy. There is an opportunity to share experiences with the group.

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Stage 2 of Group Energy Session(1)

Stage 2

Participants transition to lying down and commence a breathing sequence. Alan continues to administer energy therapy to each individual, focusing on addressing resistant energy blocks and expanding their energy field. The breathwork serves as an effective method to enhance this process.

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Stage 3 of Group Energy(1)

Stage 3
Ice Bath (optional)

The ice bath usually lasts for 2 minutes, but this can vary depending on the individual. Energy therapy continues with our participants. Based on our experience, this therapy proves incredibly effective at this stage as individuals shift their focus inward, often concentrating on specific breathing techniques. Energy blocks seem to surface at a deeper level, allowing individuals to relax into the experience. Additionally, the ice bath provides a grounding effect.

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