Kym White

Chiropractic Assistant
Kym White Chiropractric Assistant Blue Align Chiropractor Windsor and Stafford

Kym's Profile

Kym discovered chiropractic, or rather, it found her when she was studying massage and aromatherapy in 1999. She has always had an affinity with nature, and the chiropractic philosophy resonated deeply with her from the beginning.

Kym joined our Windsor Chiro team in 2007, and with over 20 years working in natural health, she is a walking advocate of chiropractic and living an holistic lifestyle. She is the backbone of our support team and enjoys the customer service aspect of her job immensely.

She loves the ocean and the countryside, and likes to be in the garden or going for a walk with her pup, family and friends. With energy to burn, Kym also loves to dance… anything that keeps her moving!

Not just a wealth of information on chiropractic, you can also pick Kym’s brain on natural home remedies for cleaning and personal care with essential oils, fermenting, composting, recycling, and thrift shopping! She has recently added Pilates and meditation to her routine, so we’re excited to see how that goes!

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