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Marion Greig Practice Manager Blue Align Chiropractor Windsor and Stafford

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Marion, better known as Megs, has been getting adjusted since she met Alan in Scotland in 1999 when they were both living in the UK. Megs’ mother saw a chiropractor during her pregnancies, practised yoga, and opted for natural remedies and foods without additives and preservatives, so the chiropractic philosophy of ‘Nature needs no help, just no interference’ resonated well with her.

She is proud to have given birth to their three children at the RBWH’s Birth Centre, naturally and without pain relief, despite having had a hip degenerative condition called Perthes Disease as a child. Chiropractic keeps her pelvis balanced so that she can keep up with Alan and the kids. She played competitive hockey, water polo and basketball at school and uni, and now enjoys swimming laps, pilates and taking the dog on family adventures, especially to the beach!

Megs started as Alan’s chiropractic assistant when Windsor Chiro opened in 2004, and now manages the operations-side of the practice while juggling family life.

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