Posture Matters

Is slumping at the computer okay for one day? How about slumping on the couch for one week?

Are you struggling with your Posture, iHunch, Text Neck or Dowager’s Hump?

Is there a hump at the bottom of your neck that didn’t used to be there?

Our daily choices all add up. Posture matters.

It’s not just about looking confident; posture is crucial for your overall health and well-being.

What is one choice you can make today to help with your posture?


You may find yourself hunched over your desk with your neck in that weird position. Do you ever think, “This can’t be good”?

The way to fix this is to become aware of these habits and replace them with a posture break.

Place a sticky note on your desk or set an alarm on your phone. Aim for 5 a day with your back leaning against the wall and your legs out in front of you, with your hips higher than your knees.

Make sure the hips are higher than the knees!

No need to hold it longer than 1 minute. This needs to be easy and achievable and the posture break is just what you need in your busy life!

Overtime, this can have a huge impact; don’t underestimate the simple things.

Curves of the Spine

Have you ever felt your neck start to lock up and wonder what is really going on?

Patients whose posture has changed with straight necks are 18 times more likely to present with neck strain and headaches! (1)

The curve in your neck is meant to look like a “C” shape, but overtime as our posture gets neglected it can start to change.

It’s job is to allow for full range of motion when you bend and twist your head.

It also protects the spinal cord and allows you to look forwards which is especially important as we age.

What can be done about a straight neck?

Recent studies have demonstrated the ability to improve spinal curves with treatment and cervical traction. This involves a specific program of adjustments and at home care using a Cervical Deneroll. (2)

Maintaining good posture is not just a matter of appearance; it is vital for our overall health and well-being.

Proper posture can ensure optimal spinal alignment, reduce pain, and enhance our physical and mental performance.

 If you are concerned about your posture, consider an Initial Consultation with one of our experienced practitioners to assess your body’s alignment and spinal x-rays if required.

Remember, investing in your posture today means investing in your long-term health.

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