Two Simple Changes to Lock in your Posture


Is Posture Confusing to You?

Have you tried to change your posture but don’t know where to start?

I completely understand how confusing this can be, and unfortunately, people don’t realise how simple it is to make long term changes with little effort when it comes to their posture.

Focusing on how to sit and how to stand is where you need to start, so let me help you get it right!

Firstly, Why is Posture so Important?

Whether you’re glued to a screen or waiting in line somewhere, your posture affects not just how you look, but also how you feel.


It can affect back pain, muscle strain, and limit your movement.

The right posture keeps your spine happy, preventing muscle and joint strain. It can help with breathing, digestion, and blood flow. Plus, it boosts your confidence and projects positivity!

Where do I start?

1. How to Sit?

Sit with your hips higher than your knees. If there’s one take-home from this blog, always remember to have your hips higher than your knees when sitting.

Do I need to always have my back perfectly straight?

The simple answer is no!

Your body is incredibly clever, and your spine has curves that support you to bend and move. Holding yourself rigid for long periods of time can actually contribute to back pain, not resolve it. On your chair, feel both sitting bones on the seat. You don’t need to be upright like a monk, you can slouch. Avoid crossing your legs across the midline.

2. How to Stand?

Stand on two feet. Yes that’s it! Its that simple.

Unfortunately, we will often sit on one sitting bone and then stand on one leg.  So we wonder why moving to a standing desk hasn’t helped. This is often the missing link. Balance in the body.

Getting the hang of good posture while sitting and standing is a solid investment in your health. Whether you’re chained to a desk or actively tackling daily tasks, mindful posture can save you from future pain.

Remember, tiny changes in your routine can create big shifts in achieving perfect posture!

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